C. B. Tatum: Industry Experience
Experience Abstract
Bob’s experience in design and construction of energy and infrastructure projects includes eleven years with a major architect/engineer on two power plant projects and three years of military service in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Other shorter-term experience includes consulting assignments with owners and EPC firms, survey layout with a general contractor on a coliseum project, research planning as an intern with a research institute during graduate study, and mechanical engineering with a systems engineering firm as a cooperative student during undergraduate study. See publications related to industry experience.

Ebasco Services Incorporated, New York; Platteville, CO; Satsop, WA
1980-1981 Construction Superintendent (Area Manager): Managed reactor building construction on Washington Nuclear Projects (WNP) 3 and 5, a two unit, 2700 MW(e) pressurized water reactor at Satsop, Washington. Major work during this period included slipform construction of a 11,000 cy reinforced concrete shield building, erection and PWHT of a freestanding nuclear containment vessel, placement of 12,000 cy structural concrete in the reactor building, and setting NSSS vessels weighing 400 and 800 tons. Responsible for the area management team and the multiple prime contractors in planning, contract preparation and award, resident engineering, construction supervision, contract management, overall planning and coordinating the work, and monitoring and problem solving.

1977-1979 Senior Resident Engineer: Directed Resident Engineering activities at WNP 3 and 5 project site from the start of site development through initial mechanical and electrical work. Major work during this period included 10 million cy excavation for site development, road and railroad access, over 400,000 cy of structural concrete work, and installation of major equipment. Responsible for field engineering, interpretation of plans and specifications, problem solving, coordination with design engineering, constructibility input, construction methods planning, office engineering, design of temporary structures and construction plant, and contract preparation.

1976 Resident Engineer Field: During field planning and site development at the WNP 3 and 5 project, directed field engineering activities that included control surveying, soils testing, interpretation of the plans and specifications, inspection, resolution of field problems, and environmental engineering.

1974-1975 Pre-Construction Planning Engineer: Assigned to project team in the New York design office for the WNP 3 and 5 project. Led home office construction team in construction planning, defining scope of multiple prime contracts, performing special studies with design engineers to select major construction methods, providing other construction input to the civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical design for the project, along with the submittals for project licensing. During this pre-construction planning period the project team developed and applied innovative construction methods for foundation excavation, slipform construction of the shield building, heavy rigging of NSSS vessels and the turbine generators, and precast concrete formwork for the turbine-generator pedestals.

1973-1974 Construction Engineer: Provided detailed planning and technical direction for NSSS chemical cleaning operations and resident engineering support of pre-operational testing at the site of the Fort St. Vrain Project, a 330 MW(e) gas cooled reactor at Platteville, Colorado. Directed all constructor closeout activities at the site, including resident engineering, subcontract administration, quality control, cost engineering, records turnover, and construction accounting.

1971-1973 Mechanical Engineer: Provided resident engineering support for piping erection and NSSS equipment installation, prepared installation and testing procedures, and administered subcontracts for HVAC, chemical cleaning, thermal insulation, building siding, and finishes.

1970-1971 Associate Engineer: Assisted Resident Engineer in planning, progress measurement, field engineering, problem solving, construction testing, and Architect/Engineer coordination. Provided technical support for the second shift construction operations.

US Army-Corps of Engineers, Fort Belvoir, VA, Republic of Vietnam
1967-1969 Construction Company Commander, Earthmoving Platoon Leader: Directed company operations in the development of storage areas, construction of warehouse buildings, restoration of a 20 km remote highway, and construction of bridges and drainage structures in the Republic of Viet Nam. Completed just-in-time geometric design for the highway restoration project. Awarded Bronze Star Medal and First Oak Leaf Cluster for meritorious achievement.

1966-1967 Basic Training, Engineer Advanced Individual Training, Engineer Officer Candidate School (Distinguished Graduate), Ranger Course; Procurement Officer assignment.

Intern, Summer, and Cooperative Assignments
1982-1983 Electric Power Research Institute, Project Manager (Student Development Program): Assisted in planning and managing an EPRI research program in power plant construction. Defined research projects and presented proposals to Utility Advisory Committee.

1969 J A Jones Construction Company, Survey Instrumentman: Performed layout and checkout for concrete construction operations at a coliseum project in Richmond, Virginia.

1962-1965 Vitro Laboratories Incorporated; Engineering Assistant (co-operative education program, alternate quarters): Designed handling equipment, provided technical support for testing at shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi; performed computer-aided test analysis.

Selected Consulting Experience
Participated in an external review of facility project management, Stanford University, 1997. Developed action plans to use technology to improve performance and gain competitive advantages, BE&K, 1989. Prepared a report on innovation in construction for the Office of Technology Assessment, 1986. Prepared testimony for Southern California Edison in prudence hearings, 1985-86. Studied contractual alternatives, Pacific Gas and Electric, 1984.

Professional Registration
Professional Engineer (No. 10348) in State of Colorado (since 1974).
Professional Engineer (No. 15331) in State of Washington (since 1976).

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