Elizabeth C. Traugott

Professor Emerita of Linguistics and English
Margaret Jacks Hall, Building 460, Room 127
Stanford CA 94305-2150
Phone (650) 723-4284
Fax (650) 723-5666
Selected Publications



Professor Emerita of Linguistics and English (Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1964) Traugott has done research in historical syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, lexicalization, socio-historical linguistics, and linguistics and literature. Her current research focuses on i) ways to bring the theories of construction grammar, grammaticalization and lexicalization together in a unified theory of constructionalization, ii) the development of pragmatic markers at left and right periphery of the clause and on ways to define “periphery”. Publications include A History of English Syntax (1972), Linguistics for Students of Literature (1980; with Mary L. Pratt), On Conditionals (1986; co-edited with Alice ter Meulen, Judith Snitzer Reilly, and Charles A. Ferguson), Approaches to Grammaticalization (1991; co-edited with Bernd Heine, 2 volumes), Grammaticalization (1993, 2nd much revised ed. 2003; with Paul Hopper), Regularity in Semantic Change (2002; with Richard B. Dasher), Lexicalization and Language Change (2005; with Laurel J. Brinton), Gradience, Gradualness and Grammaticalization (2010; co-edited with Graeme Trousdale), The Oxford Handbook of the History of English (2012; co-edited with Terttu Nevalainen), and Constructionalization and Constructional Changes (2013; with Graeme Trousdale).