Elizabeth C. Traugott
Papers Available On-line


Exaptation and Grammaticalization
In Minoji Akimoto, ed., Linguistic Studies Based on Corpora. Tokyo, Hituzi Syobo Publishing Co., 2004:133-156. Posted by permission.

Available in PDF (110 KB) format.


Legitimate counterexamples to unidirectionality
Paper presented at Freiburg University, October 17th 2001

Available in PDF (64 KB) format.

  The Role of the Development of Discourse Markers in a Theory of Grammaticalization
Paper presented at ICHL XII, Manchester 1995; Version of 11/97

This paper concerns some interactions between syntax, pragmatics, and semantics exemplified by the development of the Discourse Markers indeed, in fact, besides, and what role they might play in a theory of grammaticalization, especially of the unidirectionality of grammaticalization.

Available in PDF (98 KB) and Postscript (207 KB) formats.

Available in French: "Le rôle de l’évolution des marqueurs discursifs dans une théorie de la grammaticalisation.". Trans. by M. M. Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest. In M. M. Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest and Shirley Carter-Thomas, eds., Structure Informationallee et Particules nonciatives: Essai de Typologie, 295-333. (Grammaire et Cognition, 1 and 2.). Paris: L'Harmattan.

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