Johnstone's Bush Robin picture

Johnstone's Bush Robin, Pine Snow Station, Taiwan

April, 1988

Nikon FE, 400mm; 1/250 at f5.6; Kodachrome KR64

The official record of how this endemic species was first discovered is not quite clear. It appeared that a single female was collected in A-Li Mountain, and was named after the collector, Mr. Johnstone. That is why it has another widely-used name, A-Li Mountain Robin, although it has quite a broad distribution in mountain range. Johnstone's Bush Robin stays on my favorites' list since first time I saw it in the wild. Besides its elegant coat and color, the luck I enjoyed all those years taking pictures of it always keeps a spot in my heart for this little bird. I spent a good portion of spring/summer of 1988 in the vincinity of Pine Snow Station observing several alpine species with a close friend of mine, who is also a photographer. We found a pair of Johnstone's Bush Robin nesting in the muddy wall of a cliff. We literally became the private photographers of this speicific pair of bird. It was a memoriable experience at several fronts: It was the first time we applied the remote control to take pictures of this pair of Johnstone's Bush Robin, who showed up at the same spot faithfully. It was also the first wintnessed nesting record of Johnstone's Bush Robin. We, personally, fed the baby birds in an unusual circumstance. Now everytime I showed those pictures during presentation, my mind wondered back to the summer of 1988.

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