Trout in the Alps Maritime Province of France

Copyright J. Yesavage 2003


The "Riviera" is actually where the Alps rather abruptly run into the Mediteranean Sea. So, right behind Nice is a serious mountain range that gets snow in the winter and runoff throught the year. This flow through limestone has led to the creation of canyons such as the one above on the Esteron River. There are literally dozens of trout streams up there. Not all are full of fish, but some such as the Esteron do not get the pressure since the access is a bit difficult to figure out.

There is a guide based in Nice who has it all figured out and even does chopper flights. If you arew staying in Nice he can pick you up in the morning and drop you back at your hotel at night. You can contact Luc by e-mail. There is also a site that has general information about fishing in the area including a map with all the rivers listed.

 Pocket Water Rivera Style- Pockets are Big in the Canyons

 Fish are in these pools. This pool is in the canyon between Pierrefeu and Roquesteron.

 Fish take a silver cast in this stream.

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