Fishing the Headwaters of the Tiber

In October 2005 I visited the headwaters of the Tiber (Tevere) in Tuscany. I would recommend the trip to any flyfisherperson. I will not include the details of the local club and accomodations here, but will include the crucial links below.

The fishing is a tailwater of about 5 miles below the main headwaters dam in Southern Tuscany (About 1.5 hours south of Florence). There are primarily browns and greylings. The fish are from 12" to several pounds. The Browns are rather particular to the hatches and require 7X tipped for surface activity. They are not afraid of humans as this streams gets lots of activity.

The club and particularly its President are very friendly. There are guides available and are probably necessary to match the hatch. They have a list of places to stay, but I stayed at a local "agriturismo" that is also the local for the club meeting room and apparently where most of the anglers hang out. Rooms are clean and food can be provided and is quite reasonable. They can be contacted by e-mail and speak English. They provide licenses for the day with no difficulty and I think they were either 10 or 15 Euro the day, i.e. cheap.

I should say that my wife accompanied me on this trip and she had no shortage of things to do. There are unending sources for shopping and cultural activities. The local place has lots of stuff for kids to do and they specialize in horseback riding.

The only downside of this stream is that it is getting popular, but at least you have people on the stream with whom to share stories.


Here is the Club site with tons of information and lots of photos:

Here is the place I stayed:

Fishing the Headwaters of the Gesso

For the past 5 years or so I have been trying to encourage modern catch and release angling on this river in the Piedmont. This is on the border with France and is part of a major Italian regional Park, centered in the town of Valdiere. This is the link to the group with savailabkle waters: Il Gesso Della Regina

Here is the basic reference to the Park:

These folks are right on the opposite side of the Col de Tende from the Roya River in France: Roya

More will follow on this as I am trying to encourage travel here....

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