Some Fishing Trips and Cane Rods

by Jerry Yesavage, Copyright 1996


These are photos from a series of trips done with Doug Kulick of Kane Klassics an expert in cane rods. This 6.5 lb brown was taken on a dry in a small stream on the South Island. Boris Cech was guiding. Doug used a 5 wt pack rod.

Iliaska Lodge Rainbow

Taken on an 6 wt cane rod during a float plane trip out from the Lodge that is near Lake Iliamna. Let's just keep the name of this stream a tiny secret.

The End Result

This photo is from a small stream near Lake Rotoroa Lodge- Boris was guiding.

Fresh Silver on a Fly

Doug with a fresh silver on a float plane trip. Fish landed under the watchful eyes of a family of bear. He used an 8 wt.

Dredging for Large Browns

Doug and Boris hauling a large brown out of a clump of bushes on the Wairau River on the South Island.

Greyling Taken on Light Equipment

Many greyling taken like this on a small stream near Iliaska Lodge. Taken with a 3 wt outfit..

Granger Rod Refurbished by Doug

Desolation Wilderness brookie taken with dry damsel imitation. Rod about 50 years old given to me by my uncle.

A lot more information on Cane can be obtained from Tony Young in Australia. Return to Jerry Yesavage's Home Page.