Welcome to the iPhone Development Page


The application is now directly downloadable to your iPhone from iTunes. This will provide automated updates.

This application is still in Beta format. So, it may have a bug here and there. Please inform us of any bug or perhaps a wish list. The current version is 1.02.

Note: Version 1.02 was approved June 2, 2011. This goes back to iPhone OS 4.2 rather than the latest 4.3, which appears to be installed on only a few phones...

This version is in English or French, if anyone feels we need another language, please tell me, but I would like to be in contact with the original translator. Currently the three most popular languages translations are in this order Swedish, Chinese and Spanish...

Good Luck.

Jerome Yesavage, Stanford, June 2, 2011.




Technical Details:

Coded with Xcode version about 3.2. Considerable help was obtained from the Apple Developer Forums and from the Stanford online iPhone Developer courses.