Petz [arXiv]

(This limerick is joint work with Mark M. Wilde)

Why are some qubits still crap?
Quantum superpositions, the noise tries to scrap
A fine discovery
is Petz recovery
Which approximately reverses a noise map.

The Petz map and the measurement called 'pretty good'
Are mathematical constructs that you would
like to show off in experiment
to delight and all merriment
And now we can say just how you should. :)

Petz recovery does a pretty good job
When Alice sends noisy qubits to Bob
But how to perform?
With quantum singular value transform
It's as simple as that, no prob.

Robust Quantum Minimum Finding [arXiv]

An age-old problem with a twist;
Find the minimum of a list.
When the comparator is rough
Is Durr-Hoyer enough --
Could a quantum speedup still exist?

We answer this question with a 'yes'.
Counting pivots saves us from a mess.
Hypothesis selection
Is a promising direction
When we use a Scheffé test!