LP solver with document: hsdLPsolver.m (updaded 11/9/04)
Subroutine used by the LP solver: hsdLPsolversub.m

QP solver with document: spsolqp.m
Subroutines used by the QP solver: spphase1.m and spphase2.m

Linear complementarity solver with document: splcp.m or splcp1.m

Linearly constrained convex optimization solver with document: splccp.m (need an initial feasible solution pair) or splccp1.m (no need initial feasible solution)
with gradient and hessian routines gradien.m and hessian.m (Posted 11/9/04)

Nonlinear Programming solver: solnp.m
Subroutine used by the NP solver: subnp.m
The manual manual.ps

The following files are Matlab LP data files.

LP: afiro.mat

LP: adlittle.mat

LP: agg.mat