Materials on slips of the tongue

Arnold M. Zwicky

(last modified 4/6/08)

Mistakes, by Arnold M. Zwicky (Advocate Publishing Group, 1980).

The webpage for Michael Erard's book Um... Slips, stumbles, and verbal blunders, and what they mean (Pantheon Books, 2007).

AMZ Language Log postings on "the thin line between error and mere variation": part 1, 6/29/04; part 2, "Going nucular", 6/29/04; part 3, "They started to saying", 7/25/04; part 4, "Do I misspeak?", 7/26/04.

"Slips of the tongue", by Victoria A. Fromkin (from Scientific American, September 1973).

Appendix to Speech errors as linguistic evidence, by Victoria A. Fromkin (Mouton, 1973).

"The non-anomalous nature of anomalous utterances", by Victoria A. Fromkin (Language 47 (1971)).

"African American Vernacular English is not Standard English with mistakes", by Geoffrey K. Pullum (from Wheeler, The Workings of Language (Praeger, 1999)).

Chapters 4-8 of Language and the brain, by Lorraine K. Obler and Kris Gjerlow (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1999).

Materials on Jacques H. Transue's linguistic abilities in dementia: brief medical history and language data from 1998-2002.