Biomedin 206: Informatics in Industry

Effective management, modeling, acquisition and mining of biomedical information has become a crucial and strategic arm of today's healthcare and biotechnology companies. This seminar series explores the approaches to information management adopted by industry leaders. Speakers are invited to share their experience and insights into providing (and working with) health information for consumers, clinicians and researchers.

The seminar is free and open to the public. It also functions as a class called Biomedical Informatics 206.

Time: Mondays from 12:30-1:30
Location: Li Ka Shing Center (map)

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Date Location Speaker(s) Position(s) Title
28-Mar LK101 Nigam Shah & Nikesh Kotecha Stanford University Anatomy of U.S. Healthcare
04-Apr LK130 Vijay Pande General Partner,
Andreessen Horowitz
When software eats bio
11-Apr LK101 Andrew Radin CEO & Co-Founder,
Best ‘F’ Ever: Lessons learned while transitioning from BMI student to startup CEO
18-Apr LK101 David Chen Chief Data Officer,
Nuna Health
Healthcare Payers and their need for actionable insights
25-Apr LK101 Hugo Lam Sr. Director Bioinformatics,
Bina Technologies
NGS informatics and its challenges
02-May LK130 Guy Cavet Chief Technology Officer,
Enjoying the Cutting Edge Without Getting Cut
09-May LK101 Pravene Nath Chief Medical Information Officer,
Stanford Hospital and Clinics
Digital Solutions in Healthcare Delivery
16-May LK101 Matthew Hill VP R&D,
Maximizing molecular diagnostic performance with informatics
23-May LK130 Vikas Chowdhry R&D Lead,
Clinical Intelligence

Send questions to nikesh at stanford dot edu or nigam at stanford dot edu.