Biomedin 206: Informatics in Industry

Effective management, modeling, acquisition and mining of biomedical information has become a crucial and strategic arm of today's healthcare and biotechnology companies. This seminar series explores the approaches to information management adopted by industry leaders. Speakers are invited to share their experience and insights into providing (and working with) health information for consumers, clinicians and researchers.

The seminar is free and open to the public. It also functions as a class called Biomedical Informatics 206.

Time: Mondays from 12:30-1:30
Location: Li Ka Shing Center (map)

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Date Location Speaker(s) Position(s) Title
03-Apr LK120 Steve Bagley & Alejandro Schuler Stanford University Anatomy of U.S. Healthcare
10-Apr LK120 Kevin Haas Director Bioinformatics,
Has sequencing become commoditized? (Hint: No.)
17-Apr LK120 David Vivero Co-founder and CEO,
Need for A Single Source of Truth
24-Apr LK120 Deanna Church Senior Director of Applications,
10x Genomics
Truthiness in data: how data bias impacts discovery
01-May LK120 Dale Webster, Jonathan Krause Software Engineers,
Machine Learning with Medical Data at Google
08-May LK120 Justin Guinney Director, Computational Oncology,
Sage Bionetworks
Tearing down silos: open science and data sharing in practice
15-May LK120 Francisco Gimenez Principal,
The New World of Tech VCs in Biotech
22-May LK120 David Heckerman Chief Data Scientist,
Human Longevity, Inc.
AI in healthcare could use a little less data and a little more expertise
05-Jun LK120 Patrick Ryan Sr. Director and Head, Epidemiology Analytics
Janssen Research and Development
The expanding role of observational health data science and informatics in the pharmaceutical industry

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