Course Description:

Effective management, modeling, acquisition and mining of biomedical information has become a crucial and strategic arm of today's healthcare and biotechnology companies. This seminar series explores the approaches to information management adopted by industry leaders. Speakers are invited to share their experience and insights into providing (and working with) health information for consumers, clinicians and researchers. Learn more

The seminar is free and open to the public. It also functions as a class called Biomedical Informatics 206.

Course Logistics:

Time: Mondays from 12:15-1:05 pm
Location: Li Ka Shing Center (map)
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Enrolled Students: Students can enroll in the seminar as Biomedin 206 via Axess

Course Schedule 2015:

Date Location Speaker(s) Position(s) Title
30-Mar LK130 Nigam Shah &
Nikesh Kotecha
Stanford University Anatomy of U.S. Healthcare
6-Apr LK130 Julia Bernstein &
Gourab De TBA
13-Apr LK101 Vikram Bajaj
Google Life Sciences, Google [X]
The Baseline Study
20-Apr LK101 Rachel Kalmar Data Scientist
Misfit Wearables
27-Apr LK101 George Asimenos Director of Science
Analyzing thousands of exomes and genomes in the cloud
4-May LK130 Paul Wallace Chief Medical Officer
Optum Labs
11-May LK101 Patrick Ryan Sr. Director, Epidemiology Analytics
Johnson & Johnson R&D
What does 'Big Data' REALLY mean in the pharmaceutical industry?
18-May LK101 Jianying Hu Principal Research Manager
IBM Healthcare Analytics
Data-Driven Healthcare Analytics
1-Jun M114 Stephane Budel Partner
Opportunities for Data-Driven Disruption in Life Sciences

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