Date Speaker(s) Position(s) Title
3-Apr Nikesh Kotecha, PhD
Ajay Shah PhD, MBA
Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University Proteomics Center
Director of Research Informatics,
Elan Pharmaceuticals.
RISe - Research Information System at Elan
10-Apr Frank Brown, PhD Chief Scientific Officer,
Accelrys Inc.
Why Chem(o)informatics happened
17-Apr Peter Hendler, MD Physician Lead Convergent Medical Terminology Project,
Kaiser Permanente
Co-Chair HL7 RIMBAA Working Group
Semantic Interoperability using the HL7 RIM and SNOMED
24-Apr Nhan Do, MD MS Chief, Medical Informatics Tricare Management Activity,
Department of Defense
Government approach for information management to build complex health systems
01-May David Cox, MD PhD Senior Vice President BioTherapeutics and BioInnovation Center,
Chief Scientific Officer, Target Generation Unit,
Pfizer Inc
Human Genetic Variation and Improved Health Outcomes
8-May Ajit Singh, PhD
Vikram Mohan, MS
Chief Executive Officer, BioImagene Inc.
Director, Product Management, BioImagene Inc.
Digitizing Pathology
15-May Eric Schadt, PhD Executive Scientific Director, Genetics,
Rosetta Inpharmatics/Merck Research Labs
29-May Brian Naughton, PhD
Tracy Chu
Founding Scientist,
Director of Product Management,
Kosmix Inc.
Informatics for Consumer Health

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