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The application deadline for the Summer 2013 Course is 1 March, 2013.

To apply to the Hopkins Microbiology Course, please submit:
  1. Please fill out application form online at the bottom of this page
  2. Current Curriculum Vitae
  3. Statement of Purpose for attending the course (one page, please)
  4. Statement of Research Experience (one to two pages)
  5. Two letters of support from current or previous research advisors, class instructors, or supervisors (list details of these references on the Application Form)
Please make sure you submit your supporting documents in addition to the web-based application form. You will not receive a confirmation that your application is complete until you submit the support documents. Submit application documents electronically (as an e-mail attachment) to, or by mail addressed to:

Hopkins Microbiology Course
c/o Alfred M. Spormann
Stanford University
Clark Center E-250, MC 5429
318 Campus Drive
Stanford CA, 94305-5429

Should you have any questions about the class before submitting your application, please contact Alfred Spormann.

All students are housed in the Hopkins Belden St apartments, a short walk from the marine station (pictured to the right). Students move in on Friday, June 22 and move out on Saturday, July 21. Housing fees are to be paid by students or their institutions and will be approximately $900 per student. A catered dinner is provided for all students at the marine station on weekdays.

Belden St Housing

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