CS101 - Introduction to Computing Principles

Welcome to CS101 -- the essential ideas of computing via little phrases of Javascript code. This page is for the in-person class at Stanford Spring 2013-14 (now completed). The graded final exams are sitting outside my office. Final and Solution

Summer 2014 Online we are giving a free, online version of CS101 July 2014, see here: cs101.class.stanford.edu

For high schools or other small classes to use in an ad-hoc way, the materials are freely available at introcomputing.org.

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Lectures and Exercises
  • Office hours -- we have lots of hours in case you get stuck
    • Homework Due date hours: 4:00-7:00 pm 2nd floor Meyer, the day the hw is due (Mon typically) Look for the "CS101" cardboard sign
    • Nick Parlante: chat after lecture, then Gates 189 Tue / Thu 2:30-4:30 and most afternoons generally (725-4727)
    • Stephen: Mon 1:20pm - 2:20 pm @ Huang Basement, south side open area, near white boards and tables -- white board will be marked with "CS101 OH". smacke@cs.stanford.edu (grading students A-E)
    • Rafael: Wed 9:00am - 10:00am @ Bytes Cafe rmferrer@gmail.com (grading F-K)
    • Eric: Wed 10:00am - 11:00am @ Bytes Cafe, eric.feldman@stanford.edu (grading L-R)
    • Nicole: Thu 9:45am - 10:45am @ Bytes Cafe, nicole@cs.stanford.edu (grading S-Z)
    • Bytes cafe hours are outside if weather is nice. Look for the cardboard "CS101" sign.
  • Email cs101@cs.stanford.edu send questions to the staff
  • CourseWork CS101 site - we just use this for assignment turn-in and storing grades
  • RGB Explorer
  • Image Functions Reference
  • Jeopardy music
  • MaxM RGB Gadget and Arduino tiny and inexpensive computer board - used to build the RGB lecture demo