CS101 - Introduction to Computing Principles

Alrighty, Spring CS101 is all done. Here is the histogram of the final scores. People did very well on the exam, so I was slightly more generous with the letter grades than usual.

Final Exam Solution - Graded exams are in the graded-work drawers outside my office, available to pick up now or in the Fall.

For high schools or other small classes to use in an ad-hoc way, the materials are freely available at introcomputing.org.

Lectures and Exercises
  • Staff and Office hours
  • Office hours 4-6pm the day a homework is due (typically Monday) in the Lathrop Library Tech Lounge. Look for the little "CS101" sign.

  • Nick Parlante: chat after lecture, then office hours in Gates 189 Tue / Thu 2:30-4:00 and most afternoons generally, or mail for an appointment

  • Left to right: Wending, Stephen, Arathi
  • Arathi Mani: Wednesdays 11:45am-12:45pm Y2E2 Coupa Cafe (Last names He-Nu)
  • Stephen Chu: Mondays 1-2pm in Gates B24A (A-Ha)
  • Wending Lu: Wednesdays 1-2pm Y2E2 Coupa Cafe (Oo-Zzz)
  • Email cs101@cs.stanford.edu send questions to the staff
  • CS101 Canvas Site -- assignment turn-in and grades are here
  • RGB Explorer
  • Image Functions Reference
  • Jeopardy music
  • timer-tab in-lecture timing
  • MaxM RGB Gadget and Arduino tiny and inexpensive computer board - used to build the RGB lecture demo, neat hardware for little projects