CS103: Mathematical Foundations of Computing
Winter 2019
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3:00pm to 4:20pm in Hewlett 200


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Theory of Computation
How to Read & Do Proofs


5 - Induction
4 - Cardinality, Graphs
3 - Relations, Functions
2 - Logic
1 - Sets, Proofs
0 - QT Creator


Midterm 1
Mon Feb 4th

Midterm 2
Mon Feb 25th

Mon Mar 18th


Lecturer: Cynthia Lee
Gates 190
Tues 10:00am-12:00pm


Midterm 2 practice exams and info posted

Midterm 2 practice exams, topics, and related information have been posted to the exams page.

Midterm 1 solutions posted

The solutions to Midterm 1 solutions have been posted on the exams page. Solutions include detailed class grade distribution histograms, problem explanations, common bug explainers, and more. Regrades are now open, but please note that it is required to carefully read and consider the solutions before asking for a regrade, since many of your "why did the TA mark this wrong?" questions are answered by a careful study of the solutions document. Remember that all regrades must be: (1) submitted within 1 week, (2) polite, (3) show clear evidence of having read and considered the solutions document, (4) be about an actual error in grading rather than "I know it's wrong but I think the deduction was too many points," since after all everyone is graded on the same rubric so it would be unfair to give your rubric deductions a different point total than other students with the same issue. Thank you!

Pset1 grades distribution posted

Pset1 grades distribution information is now available on the pset1 page. Look for this information to be posted on each assignment's page around the time that grades are released for that pset. Hope that helps! (Remember that pset grades are square-rooted in your final course grade, see course information sheet for details.)

Pset3 posted

Pset3 is now posted. This one has a checkpoint due Monday! Just two problems. The rest, including a programming component, is due Friday.

CS103A starts today

CS103A starts today. Please note the room change: 380-380Y. The class meets Tuesdays 3:00-5:50pm, but the last 50 minutes are optional office hours type format. Here is the course description for CS103A (see website for more info):

Math, like programming, is a skill that that takes practice to develop. In CS103A, we'll provide extra review of the topics from CS103 and discuss general problem-solving strategies that often come up in proof-based mathematics. We hope that the course helps solidify the concepts from CS103 and provide you a set of tools you can use to confront challenging math problems with confidence. If you're interested in taking CS103 but feel like you could use a little bit more practice and review, this is the course for you!

Pset0 Posted

Pset0 is now posted. Due Friday 2:30pm! You won't be writing proofs or other tasks typical of our psets. This one is just to make sure you are all set up with the tools you need for this class.


Welcome to CS103! I am so excited to meet all of you! Don't tell anyone, but I think CS103 is my favorite of all the different courses I teach(!!). Class starts Monday January 7th at 3:00pm in Hewlett 200.

FAQ: There will not be videos of lecture, since the SCPD quarter for 103 was Autumn Qtr this year. (SCPD is responsible for video production on campus, and they generally do each different course once per year.) Sorry about that.