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Practice Problems

Take a look at the linke to the old website for loads of practice material.


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01: Introduction and Set Theory (printout)
02: Introduction to Proofs
03: Proof by Contradiction and Propositional Logic
04 part 1: First Order Logic part 1
04 part 2: First Order Logic part 2
05: First Order Logic part 3
06 part 1: Functions
06 part 2: Cardinality
07: Relations
08: Graphs
09: Graphs and Induction
10: Strong Induction
There are no slides for lecture 11.
12: DFA's
13: NFA's (Keith's slides on NFA's are here and here)
14: Closure Properties
15: Regular Expressions
16: Context-Free Grammars
17: Turing Machines
18: Computability
19: Reductions
20: More Models of Computation
21: P vs NP