Resources for Qt Creator

Updated for Fall Quarter 2021 by Julie Zelenski

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Students in the CS106B/courses use Qt Creator to write C++ programs. Qt Creator is an integrated development environment (IDE) with tools to edit, build, run, and debug programs.

Installing Qt Creator

We have prepared installation guides for each operating system, choose the one for your computer.

This will guide you through downloading and installing Qt and other necessary tools, as well as configuring the CS106-specific package. Please follow the instructions carefully and do not skip steps. In the final step, you will do a build and run cycle on a sample project. If you have successfully done this, your installation is good to go!

If you have a previous version Qt installed

We strongly recommend that you uninstall any previous version and make a fresh install following the instructions above. The minimum required version of Qt as of Fall Quarter 2021 is Qt 6.1.0.

  • To uninstall Qt, run MaintenanceTool from your Qt folder. Check the box "Uninstall only" on the first pane and follow the instructions.

Using Qt Creator

Here are some guides on using these tools.