CS110: Principles of Computer Systems, Autumn 2021


  • Mon, Oct 11: Kudos on pressing through Assignment 2 and the filesystems assessment! I suspect this is the first time since the beginning of the quarter that you've not had some looking CS110 deadline, and that's gotta feel all kinds of awesome.
    • Assignment 2 is being graded this week, and we expect to have those back to you by Saturday at noon. We'll be grading the assessments after assign2 is graded, so expect those sometime early next week.
    • Assignment 3 goes out tomorrow around 5:00pm, and you'll have seven days to complete it. Remember that you're permitted to work with a programming partner for Assignments 3, 4, and 5, although you need to work with a different partner each time. Update: Assignment 3 handout is up right here, and I'm creating assign3 repos as I type this.
    • There is no lecture on Wednesday, October 11th, and my Wednesday office hours at moved to be at the same time on Friday for just this week. Discussion sections will still meet this week. We'll resume on Friday morning.


Week 1
Week 1
Mon, Sep 20
Lecture 1: Introductions
Tue, Sep 21

assign1 Out
Wed, Sep 22
Lecture 2: Filesystems, Take I
Fri, Sep 24
Lecture 3: Filesystems, Take II
Saltzer & Kaashoek, Section 2.5
Week 2
Mon, Sep 27
Lecture 4: Filesystem System Calls
Tue, Sep 28
assign1 In, assign2 Out
Wed, Sep 29
Lecture 5: Multiprocessing Basics
Thu, Sep 30
Lab 1: Filesystems and System Calls
Fri, Oct 1
Lecture 6: Process Synchronization and Transformation
Bryant & O'Hallaron: Sections 1 - 4 of Chapter 1 (reader) or 8 (full textbook)
Week 3
Mon, Oct 4
Lecture 7: Understanding execvp
Bryant & O'Hallaron: Section 5 of Chapter 1 (reader) or 8 (full textbook)
Wed, Oct 6
Lecture 8: Pipes and Interprocess Communication, Take I
Thu, Oct 7
Lab 2: Multiprocessing and Unix Tools
assign2 In
Fri, Oct 8
Lecture 9: Pipes and Interprocess Communication, Take II
assess1 Out
Week 4
Mon, Oct 11
Lecture 10: Signals, Take I
assess1 In
Tue, Oct 12
assign3 Out
Wed, Oct 13
Day of Rest
Thu, Oct 14
Lab 3: Parallel Programming
Fri, Oct 15
Lecture 11: Signals, Take II

Note that all lectures and assignment deadlines are subject to change.

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