Installing MERN Software

The programming projects for this class require you to install Node.js and MongoDB. If you don't already have these packages installed on your laptop, follow the instructions below to install them.

Installing Node.js

Install the latest "Long Term Support (LTS)" version of Node.js (currently version 14.16.1). It can be downloaded from the URL To verify you have Node.js and its package manager (npm), try running the commands:

node -v
npm -v
which should run and print out the version numbers of your node and npm programs.

Installing MongoDB

Install the MongoDB Community Edition from the website

Once you start the MongoDB server using the command

mongod (the exact arguments depend on where you placed the database)
you should be able to directly interact with the MongoDB database by running the command:
Type help at the command prompt to see the available commands.

For Windows users, you may need to add the location of where MongoDB was installed to your environment path variable in order to run the commands. This is usually located at

C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\<version_number>\bin