Submitting Class Assignments


Use the Canvas assignment submission UI to upload a zip file containing your cleaned project directory. The zip file should contain a single directory named projectN where N is the project number.

Cleaning up before submitting

Please delete any unnecessary files from your project directory before submitting. The web tools used by the projects can generate hundreds of megabytes worth of files in your project directory that we don't want and you won't be able to submit. The contents of the following directories contain generated files that can safely be deleted since we can regenerate them while grading:

Zip your project directory

By having you submit the entire project directory we can be sure to get all the files and subdirectories you add or modify when building your project. This includes the multiple hidden files (i.e. files that start with a period) that are not normally displayed. You can create a zip file of the project directory either from the graphical user interface or a terminal using the zip command.

From the Finder program on MacOS you can control-click on the project folder and select the "Compress" option on the pop-up menu. On Windows, you can right click on the folder, select "Send to..." and "Compressed (zipped) folder."

From a shell running in a terminal program with the current working directory being the directory/folder containing your project directory, run the command:

zip -r projectN
where projectN is the name of your project directory.

Both of the above approached generated a ".zip" file you can upload into Canvas.