Stanford University

CS 276B / LING 239J
Web Search and Mining
Winter 2005

Course Syllabus


CM = Christopher Manning
PR = Prabhakar Raghavan
LE = Louis Eisenberg

Locations and times:

All lectures and review sessions are in Gates B12.
Lectures are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15 to 5:30.

Tentative Schedule:

Details of the schedule, slides and reading lists will be updated as the quarter progresses. Assignment dates are subject to change.

Date Topics Notes Who Readings Assignments
Tue 4 Jan Web 1: What makes the web different. Web search overview, web structure, the user, paid placement, search engine optimization/spam. [pdf]
PR Bibliography containing numerous relevant papers
Thu 6 Jan Course overview and project practicum 1 [pdf]
Tue 11 Jan Information extraction 1 [pdf]
CM   Initial project proposal due
Thu 13 Jan Project practicum 2: Overview and deliverables [pdf]
Tue 18 Jan Recommendation systems 1 [pdf]
CM   Project overview due
Thu 20 Jan Recommendation systems 2; students present project plans [pdf] [PPT]
[pdf] [PPT]
CM; staff  
Tue 25 Jan Students present project plans [pdf]
staff   Problem set 1 out [pdf] [doc]
Proposal for paper appraisal due
Thu 27 Jan Web 2: Spidering web content [pdf]
PR   Confirm paper for appraisal
Tue 1 Feb Information extraction 2 [pdf]
CM   Block 1 due
Thu 3 Feb Web 3: Link analysis [pdf]
PR Minhash slides: [pdf] [PPT] Problem set 1 due
Tue 8 Feb Text mining 1 [pdf]
Thu 10 Feb Web 4: Scoring and ranking [pdf]
PR   Paper appraisal due
Tue 15 Feb Midterm to be held in-class [pdf] staff  
Thu 17 Feb XML 1: Basics [pdf]
PR   Block 2 due
Tue 22 Feb Text mining 2 [pdf]
Thu 24 Feb Text mining 3 [pdf]
CM   Problem set 2 out
Tue 1 Mar XML 2: IR vs. structured retrieval [pdf]
Thu 3 Mar No class    
Tue 8 Mar Project presentations staff Problem set 2 due
Thu 10 Mar Project presentations staff   Block 3 (final project report) due

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