With devices like Pebble and Google Glass moving from labs to consumer use, Wearable Computing represents the forefront of HCI innovation. In this course, students will engage with a broad range of issues around the design and development of wearable devices and systems and develop their own wearable interactions. The course begins with use, analysis, and redesign of an existing wearable, followed by a larger group project integrating concepts from the course to prototype a novel wearable interaction. Students work in project teams, prototyping their wearable concept and communicating their progress through demonstration, final report, and presentation.

Class Structure

Classes will consist of lectures or guest lectures, discussions, and project updates. Each class has at least one required reading that every student must read. In addition, two or three students are asked to volunteer to read additional paper assignments. The following week, those students present summaries to the class, including what the paper was about, what they learned, what the implications for wearables are, what future work there is, and where the ideas in the paper have been, could have been, or should be applied.


Monday, 5:45pm to 8:15pm

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