CS398: Computational Education

Stanford University in Cape Town, Spr 2022. Tu/Th

In 2022 there is a unique opportunity to build better learning experiences that serve more students. In this interdisciplinary course we explore ways to leverage; modern AI, online platforms and inspired design to address challenges in education. Imagining and contributing to education's digital future is an open challenge and as such this course is designed to encourage your creativity.


Two psets which will ground you in the field.

Final Project

Build or design a new idea for education

Teaching Team

Professor: Chris Piech





Welcome to CS398! We are looking forward to a fun quarter. We put together some handouts to help you understand where we are going to go in CS398 and how we plan to get there.

The Administrivia handout has details on course logistics. Read this to get a sense for what CS398 is going to entail.

The Course Schedule page shows you the topics that we are going to cover in CS398.