Note on slides: In class I sometimes use slides to facilitate lecture. On their own they are not a great study resource. Here is a link to the slides directory in case you have use for them.

In any class, the schedule is subject to change by the management at any time. Since this is the first time a course like CS398 has been taught, it is especially likely to be updated.

Week Tuesday Thursday

Sept 24th

1: Education's Digital Future
Open research challenges

Sept 26th

2: Item Response Theory
Original generative model + pytorch

Oct 1st

3: Beyond IRT
Research thinking

Due: Assn 1

Oct 3rd

4: Adaptive Learning
Psychometrics or R.L.?

Oct 8th

5: Anantha UNESCO
Global Education

Oct 10th

6: Motivation and Identity
Thompson Sampling in DuoLingo

Taught by Mike

Oct 15th

7: The Open-Ended Feedback Challenge
Why is it so zipfin hard?

Due Assn 2

Oct 17th

8: Geneartive Grading
From student-thought to code

Oct 22nd

9: Generative Grading II
Really zero shot?

Oct 24th

10: Approximate Parsing
Grading with Humans

Oct 29th

11: Research in Generative Grading
Make progress in a brand new field

Due: Assn 3

Oct 31st

12: Digital Learning
Teachable agents and more

Nov 5th

13: Project Lightning Talks
Fast presentations

Nov 7th

14: Peer Learning
Group Work and Peer Teaching

Nov 12th

15: Structured Work
What do you find interesting?

Nov 14th

16: Generating Items
How to create new questions

Nov 19th

17: Structured Work
What do you find interesting?

Nov 21th

18: Final Project Checkin
What do you find interesting?

Nov 26th


No class

Nov 28th


No class

Dec 3rd

19: Imputing Grades
Bringing it full circle

Writeup Dec 13th. EDS Dec 16th.

Dec 5th

20: Final projects