Introduction to Digital Image Processing

Winter 2017-18




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Steps for submitting homework electronically:

  1. Log into your leland account.
  2. Create a directory as appropriate for the homework number. For example, if you are submitting hw3, create a directory called "hw3" using:

    mkdir hw3

  3. Copy, move, or ftp ONLY those files which need to be submitted to the directory created.
  4. You may wish to put a short README file in the directory you wish to be submitted.
  5. Change to your hw directory. For example, if you wish to submit files for hw3 issue the following command:

    cd hw3

  6. While in your hw directory, type the command:

    /afs/ir/class/ee168/bin/submit 3

    (NOTE: Replace 3 by the assignment number you wish to submit)
  7. If there is a problem send email to mtp (at)
  8. If you need to resubmit something, just redo these directions. The script will notice if you are attempting to re-submit and allow you to overwrite a previous submission. Only the very last submission will be graded.