EE 179 Course Information

Instructor John Gill
Office: Packard 266
Telephone: 650-723-4715
Office hours: TBA
Course Admin   TBA
Lectures MWF 2:15-3:05pm in 380-380F (near Math/Psych courtyard).
Textbook Modern Digital and Analog Communications Systems, 4th ed., B.P. Lathi and Zhi Ding, Oxford, 2009.
Homework Homework assignments will be handed out on Wednesdays and will be due 5pm on Wednesday of the next week. Assignments can be brought to class or deposited in the EE 179 file drawer near Packard 266.
Examinations Midterm examination: Friday, May 9, 1:30-3:05pm. Open book, open notes.
Final examination: Friday, June 6, 12:15-3:15pm. Open book, open notes.
Grading 20%   Homework assignments
30%   Midterm examination
50%   Final examination

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