Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are available below, if you are signed up for the class.

It is useful to have these in class. Either print them, or bring your laptop, pad, or telephone to class.

Lecture 1: Course introduction
Lecture 2: Modern communication systems
Lecture 3: Signal processing: Time Domain
Lecture 4: Signal processing: Frequency Domain
Lecture 5: Energy and power spectral density, modulation methods
Lecture 6: Modulators and AM modulation, part 1
Lecture 7: AM modulation, part 2
Lecture 8: Angle modulation, part 1
Lecture 9: Angle modulation, part 2
Lecture 10: Angle modulation, part 3
Lecture 11: Sampling, reconstruction, and pulse modulation
Lecture 12: Pulse code modulation and quantization
Lecture 13: PCM and the Bell System
Lecture 14: Line coding
Lecture 15: Intersymbol interference (ISI)
Lecture 16: Digital modulation methods
Lecture 17: M-ary digital modulation
Lecture 18: Error correction: Parity, CRC, and Hamming Codes
Lecture 19: Radar, Doppler, and CDMA