EE204: Business Management for
Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists

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Assignment writeups for SCPD students replacing Classroom Discussion

The Classroom Discussion component of the final grade for SCPD students will be based upon 1 written submission for each class.

SCPD students will need to submit one written submissions for each class meeting. This portion of the assignment must be submitted by Midnight PT/CA Time on Tuesday and Friday for assignments discussed Tuesday and Thursday respectively. Submissions recieved late will recieve a maximim of 50% since videotaped lectures are available after class.

Description of writeups

Assignment writeup (due by Midnight PT/CA time for Tuesday readings and Friday at Midnight PT/CA time for Thursday readings)

After submission, writeups for all EE204S students will be available for Peer Review on NovoEd

Schedule of assignments

  1. Complete the reading on your own and submit a Writeup with your answers to the study questions/discussion questions. This portion of the assignment must be submitted by Midnight PT/CA Time on Tuesday and Friday for assignments discussed Tuesday and Thursday respectively..
  2. The lecture of the live class meeting will be posted by SCPD within 1-2 hours of the end of the live class meeting.
  3. Once the video is posted, watch the discussion and choose to participate in the Peer Review process on NovoEd. There is no deadline for Peer Reviewed comments, but reviewers must watch the lecture prior to reviews.

Any deviations from this format will be handled on a class-by-class basis and will be described in detail on the webpage for a particular class meeting.

Submitting Written Responses

All written SCPD work (written responses, midterm paper, final paper) should be submitted in the following THREE ways:

  1. Using the SCPD Homework Processing procedures (required by SCPD)
  2. Directly to our teaching team by emailing your response to ee204scpd |at| gmail |dot| com.
  3. Posted to NovoEd (Submissions will be visible to all students after due date) - if you have not received a NovoEd login, please email TAs

Please submit all emailed responses as pdf documents.

Evaluation of Written Responses

The following criteria (based upon Classroom Discussion Criteria) will be considered in evaluatiion of written responses:

Written responses for Writeups will be evaluated on a three-point scale, similar to in-class participation evaluation. SCPD students will receive a mid-quarter evaluation of their submissions and written feedback on their submissions for each writeup.

Additional Extra Credit

A variety of extra-credit opportunities are available for EE204S, including the following:

Additionally, the top performing team in the simulation and top performing individuals in the CaseWiki are awarded extra credit.

Honor Code

All students, whether enrolled for the live or SCPD course offering, are expected to abide by the Stanford Honor Code.