EE204: Business Management for
Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists

Additional Excerpts from Student Reviews 2006-2010


“Great course, one of the best I've ever taken. I strongly recommend it for anyone interested in business or management.”

“Great course! Everyone and anyone remotely interested in business management should take the course.”

“It’s a really valuable course and I've enjoyed it a lot. I like the breadth, the content and the style.”

“Great course. Highly recommended”

“Great class. I would recommend it.”

“I really enjoyed the class and learned a great deal. I would highly recommend it to anyone else, and have already done so to friends who will be at Stanford next year.”

“Thank you very much for offering this course, Micah and Fred. I have learnt as much from this course as from any of my GSB electives.”

“Great course. A must for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur.”

“I'm glad that a course like this is offered within the EE department…I will continue taking similar courses whenever available.”

“Best Engineering course I’ve ever taken!”


“Combines a great just-the-facts and don't-get-lost-in-the-numbers approach to business analysis…”

“Many thanks for your help both inside and outside the classroom…”

“They've lived the cases we are studying (and often know the key players personally!)”

“Great instructor with a great head for numbers. Taught me some very useful skills that I think I will be using in the near future.”

“Excellent instructor; constantly reminds students to think practically and reinforce arguments with numerical analysis. Great feedback on assignments and is concerned with progress of students.”

“…Great class discussion…”

“I appreciated [your] willingness to call out a statement not supported by the facts, and [your] emphasis on thinking analytically (qualitatively as well as numerically) about business problems.”

“I also appreciated [your] availability during office hours.”


“The selection of the readings are absolutely excellent!”

“EXCELLENT readings… please do not get rid of them…!”

“Keep them all! If anything, give us more to read!”

“The course reader articles are extremely good. Only problem is it was a tad on the pricey side.”

“Order of magnitude is amazingly useful. Keep and continue to emphasize!”

“The readings on order-of-magnitude analysis and estimation techniques were very interesting. I use the geometric mean more often now as a result when constructing estimates.”

“Great selection of reading.”

“The readings were very good. I especially enjoyed the eBay and EA cases. I also thought the Unidentified Industries case was very useful for gaining a sense of how different accounting metrics might describe a business or industry.”

“Good material, excellent readings that offer wide coverage of current business topics.”

“Readings were all great because they evoked deep thinking about the business decision at hand.”

“Course reader was great. I enjoyed the cases and articles.”

Written Assignments

“Both assignments were interesting and useful.”

“Great assignments.”

“Papers were a good, free-form way to try out the various analysis techniques we learned in class.”

“The evaluative measures were fair and challenging.”

“The case write-ups were interesting. I especially enjoyed the group assignment. The teamwork was fun and educational. The in-class comment requirements help to improve ability to contribute in discussion and to make better points.”

“Good assignments that allow students to practice writing business reports. Excellent structure of first team paper then individual; allows students to discuss and learn from other, then formulate own style.”

“The written case studies were difficult but worthwhile… For both cases I ended up with 10 pages of text and had to pare down the arguments in order to hit the 5 page limit. This was a great process since it forced me to develop concise arguments.”