EE204: Business Management for
Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists

Excerpts from Graduate Student Reviews


"Most interesting class I've taken at Stanford."

“Best course I have ever taken in any discipline.”

“Out of my 5 years at Stanford, this was the best class that I have ever taken.”

“A gem in the EE curriculum.”

“Absolutely adored this class! Definitely worth waking up at 7am in the morning.”

“One word - Superb...keep offering it!”

“This course is amazing, and I considered it as one of the unique opportunities offered in Stanford.”

“This was the best course I have taken at Stanford. The course shows there is a real world going on outside. You are really exposed to the entrepreneurship in the Silicon Valley. And of course you have two great instructors, Fred and Micah, to make this course valuable...You should not miss it.”

“I've had substantial exposure to the high-tech business world already, but this course taught me so many things about the nuances of each specific industry. They are very different. An extremely valuable overview that I will use for the rest of my career.”

“I always had the idea that I would like to get more into "business," but really had no idea what that was...I feel much more capable entering the workforce...I would definitely recommend it to anyone, even someone planning to be an engineer all their life. It's eye-opening!”

“Course confirms my desire to enter the business world.”

“One of the most worthwhile grad courses at Stanford.”

“The class is a lot of fun and very inspiring.”

“I loved the class! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to teach it!”

“Great class. Highly recommended for all engineers with any business interest.”

“The class really felt like a team.”

“Loved the class! Interesting, fun, and makes me get up early...”

“Superlative course on business management...Highly recommend course.”

“I enjoyed this class the most out of any class I’ve taken at Stanford.”


“Very motivating and inspiring. Highly fascinating!”

“Very attentive to students' comments and ideas…”

“They've lived the cases we are studying (and often know the key players personally!)”

“Highly energetic. Incredibly knowledgeable. Funny and engaging.”

“Great teacher. Very effective.…”

“Constantly displayed concern that students were learning and involved...took time to meet with us outside of class...did a truly great job of leading class discussions and getting us to come to our own conclusions.”

“Perfect...with the right experience and credentials.”

“Loved the class...kept the class fresh, funny, and interesting.”

“Great teaching! The review you do every time in class is very very effective.”

“I was very impressed that they learned all our names. I wish more instructors would do that.”


“This kind of stuff cannot be read in a text book.”

“Readings were very good. Excellent supplementary reading articles which complement the case studies.”

“Cases were carefully selected”

“The readings covered a large range of different types of cases. I thought it was great because I had never done any case studies before, and the course was a...thorough overview of different areas of [business].”

“I particularly liked more recent cases... there was no “answer”...and the outcome is still unknown, which makes it more intriguing.”

“Harvard cases are excellent”

“Cases were very interesting, informative. External readings very informative and helpful.”

“Materials were interesting reads - informative and thought-provoking.”

“Relevant cases that we as engineers could relate to. All cases were highly interesting”

“Good overview different areas of business. Cases were interesting to read (especially EA) and discuss”

“Very high quality.”

Written Assignments

“I enjoyed doing both of the written cases. The final result of the wiki case was AMAZING. I was shocked”

“The group assignment was challenging, but it was good to learn how to manage working in groups.”

“Good coverage of topics, very useful.”

“Wiki assignment was a refreshingly different approach.”

“The wiki-case was fun but became a little extreme. Very educational!”

“Both the group and individual assignments...are a great supplement.”

“Educational and fun!”

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