EE364a: Convex Optimization I

Stanford University, Summer Quarter 2018
Instructor: Reese Pathak

This quarter, we will have a midterm quiz, covering the basics of convex analysis developed in the first couple weeks of the course. The quiz covers chapters 1–4 of the course text, emphasizing material covered in the first two weeks of lecture and the material on the first two homeworks.

The quiz is designed to take 30 minutes to solve. It will become available on Canvas on Thursday, July 12 immediately after lecture, and you will have until midnight on Monday, July 16 to complete it. If for some reason you cannot complete the quiz during this time window you must notify course staff no later than Friday, July 6.

When taking the exam, account for the time it will take to upload a copy of your solutions; late solutions will not be accepted. To relieve some time pressure we will give you 65 minutes to complete the exam. This means that once you click on the quiz in Canvas, you must have solved, scanned, and uploaded a PDF copy of your solutions within an hour and five minutes.

To prepare for the quiz, we suggest you review slide decks 1–4, chapter 1–4 of the text, the solutions to the first two homeworks, and some of the quizzes posted on the lectures page.