EE364a: Convex Optimization I

Stanford University, Summer Quarter 2018
Instructor: Reese Pathak

Welcome to the EE364a (CME364a/CS334a) course webpage for Summer 2017–2018.

EE364a will be taught next in Summer 2018, by Reese Pathak. The course was originally developed by Stephen Boyd. The summer version will use the same course text and many of the same course materials.


  • The first lecture is on Tuesday, June 26, 9:30–11:20AM, in Gates B3.

  • Important: This course has two exams: an in-class midterm quiz, and a take-home final exam. Read these webpages carefully; you must notify course staff of scheduling conflicts by 7/6 for the midterm and 8/8 for the final.

  • The developers of CVXPY are officially supporting CVXPY version 1.0. As a result, our teaching staff will support this version (exclusively) this quarter; ensure that your machine is updated to the most recent version.