EE392n: Intelligent Energy Systems: Big Data

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2014-2015

EE392n, Professor Dimitry Gorinevsky and Professor Dan O’Neill



  1. March 31, Introductory Lecture, Dan ONeill and Dimitry Gorinevsky, Stanford
  2. April 7, The Industrial Awakening: Analytics and the Internet of Things, David Mount, Kleiner Perkins
  3. April 14, Emerging Electricity Distribution Grid Technologies, James Bullock, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  4. April 21, Keeping California Power System Stable with over 33% Renewables, Shucheng Liu, CAISO
  5. April 28, Big Data Analytics in Energy, Aaron Deyonker and Hemant Shukla, Siemens
  6. May 5, Navigating the changing needs of the CA electricity grid and regulatory policy Mona Tierney-Lloyd Senior Director, Western Regulatory Affairs EnerNOC, Inc.
  7. May 12, Energy and Analytics, Marco Annunziata, Chief Economist, GE
  8. May 19, The Future of Energy Industry, Arun Majumdar, Stanford (former VP for Energy at Google)
  9. May 26, Distributed Energy and Microgrids, Ed McCullough and Nick Haschka, NRG Energy
  10. June 2, t.b.a.