EE398A - Image and Video Compression

Course Staff

Position Name Office Location Office Hours Email ( Email Hours
Instructor Prof. Bernd Girod Packard 373 F, 1:30-3pm bgirod  
Co-Instructor Prof. Thomas Wiegand Packard 369 Tu, 2:30-4pm  
TA Mina Makar Packard 240 W, 4-6pm
(Packard 021)
mamakar Email will be answered within 24 hours
Co-TA Haricharan Lakshman Packard 240 W, 4-6pm
(Packard 021)
Administrative Assistant Kelly Yilmaz Packard 259 M-F, 9am-2pm yilmaz  


TA's Office Hours

Held in the ISE Lab, Packard 021, one day before the HW is due (Wednesday), from 4-6pm. Please make sure you have permission to access the building at this time.

Questions about the current HW assignment and the lecture notes will be answered, and occasionally, additional theoretic problems solved and Matlab tips given. It is convenient to arrive on time, since we will start going through the HW at 4pm, but we'll be happy to answer specific questions at any time.

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Last modified: 09-Jan-2012