Winter Quarter 2012

 Perspectives in Assistive Technology 

David L. Jaffe, MS and Professor Drew Nelson
Tuesdays & Thursdays   4:15pm - 5:30pm
Building 530 - Classroom 127

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project student testing an electric motor hybrid drive for a 3-wheeled lever-drive wheelchair
Testing an electric motor hybrid drive for a 3-wheeled lever-drive wheelchair (2011)
project team finishes their slideshow
Project team finishes their slideshow (2011)
photo of vest for rechargable stimulator
A recharging vest for users of implanted Deep Brain Stimulators (2010)
photo of standing and walking aid
A standing and walking aid for improved balance and stability (2010)
Opening Doors project
Opening Doors Project (2009)

Perspectives in Assistive Technology explores the broad spectrum of issues surrounding the design, development, and use of technology that benefits people with disabilities and seniors.

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Ana and Susan
Ana and Susan (2009)
Handi-Cart project iWalk Project Team
Handi-Cart Project (2009) iWalk Project Team (2008)

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