Winter Quarter 2012

 Perspectives in Assistive Technology 

David L. Jaffe, MS and Professor Drew Nelson
Tuesdays & Thursdays   4:15pm - 5:30pm
Building 530 - Classroom 127

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Additional Questions for Reflection

Your team includes other students and community members participating in the project.

How did you hear about this course? Why did you decide to take it?

What were your expectations for the course at the beginning of the term? Were those expectations met or not met?

What did you or your team do that made you feel that you made a positive difference or made you feel uncomfortable? Why do you think it made you feel this way?

What did you or your team do that seemed to be effective or ineffective? What can/did you learn from this?

How did you relate your course experiences to your colleagues, family, and friends? What reactions did you get and how do you feel about them?

What were the most positive / negative / surprising incidents? What can/did you learn from them?

What were the easiest and most difficult things you experienced? What can/did you learn from them?

Is there a person you are working with who is particularly interesting? Why?

Did you have a disappointing experience with your team? Why was it disappointing? What can/did you learn from this?

Is there any situation, incident, or problem with your team that you want to discuss?

Which parts of your team experience came naturally to you and which made you uncomfortable?

What challenges have you encountered with your team?

What ethical issues were you presented with? How did you handle and resolve them?

How does this course relate to your career plans? Is there a direct or indirect relationship?

What have you learned in this course and what do you still want to know?

What new perspectives have you been exposed to in this course?

How did the class lectures and discussions relate to your team experiences?

Adapted from "Service-Learning Course Development Considerations and Resources" Engaged Scholarship, Haas Center for Public Service - 12/03/2008

Updated 10/04/2011

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