Winter Quarter 2012

 Perspectives in Assistive Technology 

David L. Jaffe, MS and Professor Drew Nelson
Tuesdays & Thursdays   4:15pm - 5:30pm
Building 530 - Classroom 127

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Your Words May Not Matter, So Stand Up Straight

When pitching a new idea to your boss, the most important part is to have exact, intelligent language and ideas, right? Wrong! As a matter of fact, the words you speak hardly matter in comparison to your posture, expression, and tone of voice. If you act confidently, other people will be impressed, even if you have no idea what you're saying. According to Deborah Gruenfeld, a professor at Stanford University, "Your status is determined by physical attributes and nonverbal cues. People decide if you are competent in less than 100 milliseconds."

All hope is not lost for a good impression, though. There are a few very simple tricks that will help you command the room. Keep your shoulders back and stand up straight. Stand firmly on both feet; don't list to one side. Speak clearly and firmly. If you look like you're confident and capable, then people will assume that you are indeed confident and capable, regardless of what you actually say.

From: Innovation Magazine - June-July 2012 - page 7

Updated 07/10/2012

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