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There is a significant dynamic component to the course, as topics drop in and out, or get longer or shorter treatment, depending on audience interest/reaction/resistence. We consider this a feature.

Lecture 1: Small-World Phenomenon (April 9)

  • J. Kleinberg's paper . The small-world phenomenon: an algorithmic perspective. (2000)
  • J. Kleinberg's paper. Complex Networks and Decentralized Search Algorithms.(2006)
  • O. Sandberg, I. Clarke's paper. The evolution of navigable small-world networks. (2006)

Lecture 2: Power-Law Networks (April 16)

  • Class notes: power-laws, and the preferential attachment model (tex)
  • Durrett's book: 3.1, 3.2, 4.1-4.4
  • R. Albert and A. Barabasi's paper. Statistical Mechanics of Complex Networks. (2002).
  • B. Bollobas's paper. Mathematical Results on Scale Free Graphs. (2003)
  • Berger, Borgs, Chayes, Saberi's paper. A Weak Distributional Limit for Preferential Attachment Graphs, to appear in the Annals of Probability Theory.

Lecture 3: Erdos-Renyi Random Graphs (April 23)

Lecture 4: Epidemic Models for Diffusion (April 30)

Lecture 5: Controlling a diffusion (May 7)

Lecture 6: Diffusion as dynamics of a game (May 14)

Lecture 7: Social Learning in Networks (May 21)