Course Information

This course will be taught in a “Flipped-Classroom” style, with approximately 150 minutes of recorded lecture material each week. 2 short (50min) sessions each week will be used for questions, examples and working homework problems.


A basic course in MRI, such as EE369B, is a required prerequisite for this class.


  • Class Quizzes and Participation (10%)

  • Weekly homework and project (50%)

  • Midterm (10%)

  • Final (30%)


We will NOT follow a particular textbook. If you work on MRI, these are well worth owning. Otherwise, try to borrow one!

Recommended, NOT REQUIRED!

Handbook of MRI Pulse Sequences
Matt Bernstein, Kevin King, Joe Zhou
Free link (within Stanford)
Amazon link

Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Dwight Nishimura
Order Here