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Dynamically create a Perl script to parse a source file base on user specifications


This function takes a base file, a source file, and a segment of Perl script specifying how the source file will be pased and the generates a fully executable Perl script that is going to be called to parse the source file.


fileMuncher(outName, baseFile, dataFile, parser, isDir = FALSE)
mergeRowByKey(mergeMe, keyCol = 1, sep = ";")


outName outName a character string the name of the file where the parsed data will be stored
baseFile baseFile a character string for the name of the file that is going to be used as the base to process the source file. Only data that are corresponding to the ids defined in the base file will be processed and mapped
dataFile dataFile a character string for the name of the source data file
parser perInst a character string for the name of the file containing a segment of the a Perl script for parsing the source file. An output connection to OUT that is for storing parsed data, an input connection to BASE for inporting base file, and an input connection to DATA for reading the source data file are assumed to be open. perlInst should define how BASE, DATA will be used to extract data and then store them in OUT
pathForPerl A character string for the path to which temporary Perl scripts will be stored.
isDir isDir a boolean indicating whether dataFile is a name of a directory (TRUE) or not (FALSE)
mergeMe mergeMe a data matrix that is going to be processed to merge rows with duplicating keys
keyCol keyCol an integer for the index of the column containing keys based on which entries will be mereged
sep sep a charater string for the separater used to separate multiple values


The system is assumed to be able to run Perl. Perl scripts generated dynamically will also be removed after execution.

mergeRowByKey merges data based on common keys. Keys multiple values for a given key will be separated by "sep".


fileMuncher returns a character string for the name of the output file
mergeRowByKey returns a matrix with merged data.


This function is part of the Bioconductor project at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to provide Bioinformatics functionalities through R


Jianhua Zhang

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path <- file.path(.path.package("pubRepo"), "data")
temp <- matrix(c("32469_f_at", "D90278", "32469_at", "L00693", "33825_at",
"X68733", "35730_at", "X03350", "38912_at", "D90042", "38936_at",
"M16652"), ncol = 2, byrow = TRUE)
write.table(temp, "tempBase", sep = "\t", quote = FALSE,
row.names = FALSE, col.names = FALSE)
# Parse a truncated version of LL\_tmpl.gz from Bioconductor
srcFile <-
fileMuncher(outName = "temp", baseFile = "tempBase", dataFile = srcFile,
parser =  file.path(path, "basedLLParser"), isDir = FALSE)
# Show the parsed data
read.table(file = "temp", sep = "\t", header = FALSE)

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