THINK 3: Breaking Codes and Finding Patterns

FALL Quarter 2018


  • Homework 1 will be handed out in the first class, it is due on Tuesday October 2nd at 1.00pm.

Schedule and Location

  • Lecture: 370-370, TTh at 1.30pm-2.20pm.


Susan Holmes (she/her)

  • Office: Sequoia Hall 102, Tuesday at 2.30pm and by appt.

  • E-Mail: susan [at] stat [dot] stanford [dot] edu

  • Phone: (650) 725 [hyphen] 1925

  • twitter: @SherlockpHolmes

Pete Mohanty (he/him)

  • Office: Sequoia Hall 202, Mondays 2:30-4:30

  • E-Mail: pmohanty [at] stanford [dot] edu

Elise Stickles (she/her)

  • Office: Sweet Hall, 220D, Thursdays 3-4pm and by appt.

  • E-Mail: stickles [at] stanford [dot] edu

Melissa Ko (she/her)

  • Office: Sweet Hall, Tu 3-4pm, Sweet Hall 221D Wednesdays 10:30-11:30am and by appt.

  • E-Mail: mesako [at] stanford [dot] edu

Joey Nelson (he/him)

  • Office: Sweet Hall, 217D by appointment.

  • E-Mail: joey.nelson [at] stanford [dot] edu

Course Goals

  • Practice inductive and deductive reasoning.

  • Learn how to combine evidence.

  • Solve complex code-breaking problems.

  • Become an effective codebreaker and pattern finder.

  • Improve your problem solving skills on impossible problems.

Class text :

Simon Singh The Code Book (

Suggested Links

  • Learning and Using R