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Episode 2: Morgan Frank on A Cool Million

Episode 2: Morgan Frank on Nathanael West’s A Cool Million

Just the sense of ‘mute anguish’ and not being sure how to respond or even what to say seems like a powerful literary statement or stance.
— Morgan Frank

Transcript: Reading After Trump, Episode 2

Episode 1: Alex Woloch and Kenny Ligda discussing George Orwell

“If you really pause on that, ‘too sane to understand the modern world,’ it’s a very haunting phrase. Think about 1984 and Winston Smith’s struggle to remain sane. Think about Orwell’s proposition that if you remain sane that might prevent you from understanding.”
—Alex Woloch

Our first show, an ad hoc recording in mid-November 2016, was a discussion of George Orwell in the context of the 2016 US election results.

Transcript: Reading After Trump, Episode 1