The Project

California is a diverse state, with vastly different ecosystems and cultural regions. Most communities in California are diverse as well, and we want to make a record of the different ways of being a Californian. We're interested in how Californians see their communities, their regions, and the rest of the state. And we're interested in how these perceptions show up in ways of speaking across the state.

We are visiting a number of distinctive communities across the state, capturing Californians' experience in their own words. We do recorded interviews with people who have spent their entire lives in their community, so we can get a clear picture not only of how things are now, but of how things have changed as well.

Some of our Press Coverage

Stanford Report August 6, 2012
KQED California Report November 23-25, 2012
KQED Forum December 19, 2012
KPCC Take Two January 17, 2013
Sacramento Bee September 6, 2014

We're still looking for people from Sacramento to fill out our sample

Were you born and raised in Sacramento? If so, we hope you'll be interested in participating in our project. If so, please fill out our form and we'll get in touch with you right away. You can also call us at 916-806-6732.