BioMotion Lab

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Who we are

The BioMotion Laboratory takes a unique multidisciplinary approach to studying osteoarthritis and the mechanics of sports injury through studies that examine the interaction of cell biology and biomechanics of movement. Current projects include a study of biomarkers for osteoarthritis, imaging studies of knee cartilage, obesity and the initiation of osteoarthritis, the mechanics of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury/treatment and the causes of premature osteoarthritis following ligament and meniscus injury. The BioMotion Laboratory conducts translational research to develop interventions for the prevention of ACL injury and osteoarthritis at the knee. The BioMotion Laboratory is also recognized as a leader in the development of new methods for the capture of human movement.

Current Events

Lab Meeting, Thursdays 1:30p

Our weekly lab meeting is held on Thursdays at 1:30p in Durand 247.

February 2013 - Professor Tom Andriacchi awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Andriacchi was awarded The International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA) Lifetime Achievement Award for significant contributions to the science and technology of arthroplasty.

Farewell, Dr. Michael Zabala

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Zabala who took a position as an Associate Engineer with Exponent in the Biomechanics Division.