James H. Clark Center
318 Campus Drive West, Stanford, CA 94305
For all Bio-X programmatic questions, please contact:
Heideh Fattaey
Bio-X Executive Director of Operations & Programs
1st Floor South, Room S135
Tel: 650-725-7882
Fiona Sincock
Associate Director of
Bio-X Programs
Scott Wilton
Facilities Coordinator
1st Floor South, Room S133
Tel: 650 725-0397
Susan Parker
Bio-X/Clark Associate Director of Finance
3rd Floor South, Room S353
Tel: 650 725-8341
sparker @stanford.edu
Hanwei Li
Bio-X Corporate Forum Liaison
1st Floor South, Room S134
650 725-1523
For information regarding the Bio-X fellowships please write to:
Clark Center: Security | Health & Safety | IT
Other information:
Bio-X Scientific Leadership Council | Webmaster
Employment Opportunities
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