NMR Time Reservations

NMR Time Reservations are currently setup through the Calcium Calendar program.


These are the reservation rules effective Monday October 31, 2011:

300: 1 hour 10AM-7PM, 2 hours 7PM-10PM, unrestricted 10PM-10AM *If necessary Chemistry classes can exceed restrictions during lab hours. If users require my help or acquiring experiments that have inherent risk of damage to the instrument, contact me for possible longer reservation during the day.

Old 400: 30 minutes 9AM-7PM, 1 hour 7PM-10PM, overnight 10PM-9AM

New 400: 30 minutes 9AM-7PM, 1 hour 7PM-10PM, overnight 10PM-9AM

500: 1 hour 9AM-7PM, 2 hours 7PM-10PM, overnight 10PM-9AM.

600: no restrictions but any experiment that could be run overnight should be overnight or on a weekend, 2-6 hour blocks should be in the morning or late evening

Other restrictions: You cannot reserve more than 24 hours in advance except overnight which can be reserved 48 hours in advance.

You cannot reserve 2 instruments at the same time.

Weekends will remain unrestricted but longer blocks on the 400 and 500 should be done at night or early in the morning.

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