Laning Mural at Ogden Union Station, Ogden, UT

Mr. Edward Laning (1906-1981), now recognized as one of America’s foremost muralists, was commissioned during the Roosevelt Administration, in 1935, to depict the “Wedding of the Rails” at Promontory, Utah, for the Immigration Building on Ellis Island, in New York Harbur. The joining by rail of our nation’s East and West coasts is considered one of the most significant historical and engineering events in world history.

By 1953, the Immigration building in New York City was abandoned and the Laning Murals deteriorated there until 1974 when Mr. Laning initiated their restoration which included relocation of some of the salvaged murals to the United States Courthouse in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1975, through the concerted efforts of Ann Peck of Ogden, Utah and Utah artist Dean Faucett, the National Academy of Design of New York City provided a $100,000 commission to Mr. Laning to paint a new mural series for the Ogden Union Station, based on his original work for Ellis Island.

The murals 50 feet by 12 feet are oil paintings on Belgian linen canvas done in Mr. Laning’s New York City studio and then shipped to Ogden, where the artist personally supervised their installation at the Union Station in 1980.

Courtesy of the Ogden Union Station Collection.