Upcoming and Recent Talks Upcoming events featuring the Chinese Railroad Workers of North America Project. February 22, 2020, UCLA Asia Pacific Center, Los Angeles, CA., with Gordon H. Chang. Gordon H. Chang’s talk: “Builders of the Transcontinental Railroad: Traversing China and America” is hosted by the China and Beyond Forum, and »

Gordon H. Chang is Winner of 2020 A/PAA Award for Literature

2020 American Library Association – Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature Winners Selected PHILADELPHIA, January 27, 2020 – The Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA), an affiliate of the American Library Association, has selected the winners of the 2020 Asian/Pacific American Awards for Literature (APAAL). The awards promote Asian/Pacific American culture and »

Exhibit of Li Ju Photographs Earns Awards

The Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project at Stanford congratulates Mr. Li Ju, whose exhibition of photographs — paired with historical images — has been celebrated with two California Preservation Foundation awards: The 2019 Preservation Design Award in the Interpretive Exhibits category and a Trustees Award for Excellence. The »

Gordon H. Chang Celebrated by the Committee of 100

Gordon H. Chang has been celebrated for his contribution to the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. The full text from Frank Wu, member of the Committee of 100, reads as follows: Dear Friends: I was honored to attend this important event, the 150th »

Stanford Students Learn Primary Research — Preston Carlson

By Preston Carlson, Research Assistant, Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project at Stanford. Preston Carlson is an undergraduate student at Stanford University. Before working with the CRRW, I assumed that our understanding of a given event or period of history was binary: either we understood it or not. The »

Stanford Students Learn Primary Research–Lili Nilipour

By Lili Nilipour, Research Assistant, Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project at Stanford. Lili Nilipour is an undergraduate student at Stanford University. Coming fresh into the Chinese Railroad Workers Project last summer, I knew little about the subject at hand besides the basics: that the Transcontinental Railroad could not »

Richard Koenig — Contemporary Views

Contemporary Views Along the Route of the First Transcontinental Railroad  I follow in the footsteps of photographers Alfred A. Hart and A. J. Russell who expertly recorded the construction of the road. But this is not a re-photography project—it is, rather, photography as archaeology. In making a comprehensive series of »

Shelley Fisher Fishkin Prize — Association for American Studies

The International Committee of the American Studies Association (ASA) is pleased to announce the inaugural Shelley Fisher Fishkin Prize for International Scholarship in Transnational American Studies. The American Studies Association created a new prize named for Shelley Fisher Fishkin to honor her “leadership in creating crossroads for international scholarly collaboration »


OPEN TO THE PUBIC PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE WORLD PREMIER SCREENING OF — MAKING TIES: THE CANGDONG VILLAGE PROJECT On May 30, 5pm, the Stanford Archaeology Center at Stanford University will be hosting the premier of Making Ties: The Cangdong Village Project. We are excited to bring this documentary »