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Proceedings of LFG '13 Conference

University of Debrecen

Editors: Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King
2013 CSLI Publications


We dedicate this volume of the LFG proceedings to the memory of Prof. Ivan Sag (1949–2013).

Ivan Sag was the main proponent of HPSG, a constraint-based theory of grammar which shares architectural properties with LFG, but which works differently enough so that the contrast between LFG and HPSG has led to many spirited exchanges and theoretical advances over the years. Everyone who knew Ivan will attest to his enthusiasm for all things linguistic, an enthusiasm that was coupled with deep linguistic insight—together they translated into linguistic work that has significantly advanced our understanding of how language works and that has put an indelible mark on the field.

We personally interacted with Ivan most in our days as graduate students at Stanford (where among South Asianists, he was also known as "Mr. Spinach"). We came to know Ivan as a person who exuded bonhomie like no other professor. He cared deeply about his profession and he cared deeply about people and had a genius for networking and bringing people together (his LSA institute accommodation arrangements are the stuff of legends). With him, the field has lost a truly wonderful person much too soon.

Editors' Note

The program committee for LFG13 were Dag Haug and Anna Kibort. We would like to thank them for coordinating the review process and judiciously putting together the program that gave rise to this collection of papers. Thanks also go to the executive committee and the abstract and final paper reviewers, without whom the conference and the proceedings would not have been possible in this form. With respect to the local organizing committee, we especially thank Tibor Laczkó, György Rákosi, Éva Kardos, Gábor Csernyi, who put together a superbly organized conference (with a wonderful accompanying social program)! Finally, as always, we would like to thank Dikran Karagueuzian for his and CSLI's unfailing support.

The table of contents lists all the papers presented at the conference. Some papers were not submitted to the proceedings. For these papers, we suggest contacting the authors directly.

Hard Copy: All of the papers submitted to the LFG13 proceedings are available in one large pdf file, to be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat. The proceedings' file was created via pdflatex tools, for which we are indebted to Stefan Müller.

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Created: December 2013
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