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Handbook of French Semantics cover

Handbook of French Semantics

edited by Francis Corblin and Henriëtte de Swart

This work focuses on the semantic particularities of the French language, covering five empirical themes: determiners, adverbs, tense and aspect, negation, and information structure. The specialists contributing here—including general linguists in France and French linguists in the Netherlands—take formal approaches to semantics and its interface with syntax and pragmatics, highlighting meaning in its relation to both structure and use. Their results should be of particular interest to French and Romance linguists who want to study French from a formal semantic perspective and to general linguists who are interested in cross-linguistic semantics.

Francis Corblin is professor of linguistics at the Université de Paris IV, Sorbonne. Henriëtte de Swart is professor of French linguistics at Utrecht University.


  • Preface
  • I Determiners

  • 1 Generalized Quantifiers, Dynamic Semantics, and French Determiners
    Francis Corblin, Ileana Comorovski, Brenda Laca and Claire Beyssade
  • 2 Nounless Determiners
    Francis Corblin, Jean-Marie Marandin and Petra Sleeman
  • 3 Towards a Uniform Characterization of Noun Phrases with Des or Du
    Leonie Bosveld-de Smet
  • 4 Generic Plural Indefinites and (In)direct Binding
    Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin
  • 5 Tout as a Genuine Free Choice Item
    Jacques Jayex and Lucia M. Tovena
  • 6 Degree Quantifiers
    Jenny Doetjes
  • 7 Quelgue
    Francis Corblin
  • 8 Différents
    Brenda Laca and Liliane Tasmowski
  • 9 Diners
    Illeana Comorovski and Laurence Nicaise
  • 10 Quel
    Ileana Comorovski
  • II Adverbs

  • 11 Adverb Classification
    Olivier Bonami, Danièle Godard, and Brigitte Kampers-Manhe
  • 12 Adverbs and Quantification
    Anne Abeillé, Jenny Doetjes, Arie Molendijk, and Henriëtte de Swart
  • 13 Parentheticals as Convential Implications
    Jacques Jayez and Corinne Rossari
  • III Tense and Aspect

  • 14 Tense and Aspect in Sentences
    Henk Verkuyl, Co Vet, Andrée Borillo, Myriam Bras, Anne La Draoulec, Arie Molendijk, Henriëtte de Swart, Carl Vetters, and Laure Vieu
  • 15 Meanining and Use of Past Tense Discourse
    Arie Molendijk, Henriëtte de Swart, Carl Vetters, Andrée Borillo, Myriam Bras, Anne Le Draoulec, Laure Vieu, Henk Verkuyl, and Co Vet
  • 16 Tense Connectives and Discourse Structure
    Andrée Borillo, Myriam Bras, Anne Le Draoulec, Laure Vieu, Arie Molendijk, Henriëtte de Swart, Henk Verkuyl, Co Vet, and Carl Vetters
  • IV Negation

  • 17 French Negative Dependency
    Danièle Godard
  • 18 Polarity Sensitive Items
    Lucia Tovena, Viviane Déprez, and Jacque Jayez
  • 19 Negative Concord
    Francis Corblin, Viviane Déprez, Henriëtte de Swart, and Lucia Tovena
  • V Information

  • 20 Prosodic, Syntactic and Pragmatic Aspects of Information Structure—an Introduction
    Claire Beyssade, Elisabeth Delair-Roussarie, Jenny Doetjes, Jean-Marie Marandin, and Annie Rialland
  • 21 Prosody and Information in French
    Claire Beyssade, Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie, Jenny Doetjes, Jean-Marie Marandin, and Annie Rialland
  • 22 Dislocation
    Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie, Jenny Doetjes, and Petra Sleeman
  • 23 Cleft Sentences
    Jenny Doetjes, Georges Rebuschi, and Annie Rialland
  • 24 Subject NP Inversion
    Brigitte Kampers-Manhe, Jean-Marie Marandin, Frank Drijkoningen, Jenny Doetjes, and Aafke Hulk.
  • Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1575864142 (9781575864143)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575864134 (9781575864136)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575868431 (9781575868431)

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